How do I know if I need planning permission?

A number of factors will determine whether or not your project requires planning. We can always advise you once we have visited site and have an understanding of your requirements. Our Guide to Permitted Development and Permitted Development Visual Guides also offer good advice on the planning process and permitted development rights.

What is the difference between Planning and Building Regulation Applications?

Planning permission relates to mainly the external appearance of the dwelling and how it fits in with the neighbouring properties and surroundings. Drawings are produced to demonstrate how the addition will fit in to the street scene and show external finishes, scaled elevations and floor plans.

Building Regulations relate to how the building is constructed. Drawings are produced showing the construction methods, types of roof trusses or rafters, floor and wall construction, method of drainage, building cross sections and a detailed notation document to demonstrate to building control that the building will be built to current building regulation standards.

How Long do I have to wait for the council to make a decision?

Once the application has been validated the council will require eight weeks for planning and approximately five weeks for building regulation applications before making a formal decision in writing.

Can you give a projection of the build cost before we decide whether to proceed any further?

It is very difficult to project an accurate build cost before the detailed drawings and design have been approved. It largely depends on your geographical location and complexity of work. For a rough guide a standard specification traditional new build or extension will cost anything between £850m² and £1500m².

Can I start building before obtaining the relevant approvals?

The answer is simple and clear, 'NO'. It is against the law to build without planning and building regulation submissions. If you were to begin building beforehand you run the risk of having to put the build back to its original state at your own cost. We will always advise against starting any building works prior to submission of the relevant applications in all circumstances.

How long does it take to produce our drawings and submit our application?

Once we have completed the measured survey we require between two and three weeks to produce all the relevant drawings and associated documentation.

At what stage do you require payment?

If you are a new client we haven't worked with before we will require a small deposit before embarking on your project. After the deposit has been paid we will not invoice you again until the design drawings are completed and meet your approval.